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Below you will find the current list of file types supported by Web Hosting. We will add to this list periodically as new file types become more common across the Web.

aiAdobe Illustrator phpPHP
aiffaudio php3PHP
anianimated cursor php4PHP
arjARJ plPerl
artAOL compressed graphic file plyimage
asfWindows Media pngimage
asmASM ppsMicrosoft PowerPoint
asxstreaming media pptMicrosoft PowerPoint
auaudio prcCorel Presentation
avivideo psPostScript
basBasic source code psdPhotoShop
binbinary pubMicrosoft Publisher
blzbitmap graphic qtQuickTime MooV
bmpimage raRealAudio
cCanvas ramRealAudio (or Video) metafile
cabFutureSplash rmRealMedia
cdfIE Channel Definition Format rmfaudio
cdrCorelDraw image rmvbRealVideo
chatIRC data rmxRealJukebox
classJava class file rpimage
cnfE-cash rpmRealMedia plugin
codFORTRAN/Multiplan/dBASE rtRealText
configconfiguration file rtfRich Text Format
csscascading style sheet s3msound
curWindows cursorc scmvideo
dcrDirector sdcStarOffice
dirdirectory/Procom dialing directory sdd StarOffice
docMicrosoft Word sdw StarOffice
dwtDreamweaver template sitMac compressed file
dxrDirector smiSMIL
eotembedded OpenType font smilSMIL
epsAdobe Illustrator text and graphics splMacromedia Shockwave
evEchoview svgimage
evyCorel Envoy document svrcompressed virtual world for WWW
farFarandole Composer module swaMacromedia Shockwave
flaFlash swfMacromedia Shockwave
flpCorelFlow flow chart tgzg-zipped TAR
frmVisual Basic source file tifimage
gedimage tiffimage
gifimage tmbTimbuktu Pro
gzcompressed file tmptemporary
hdmlhandheld device markup language tmsTelemate script
hlpHeLP file tspTrueSpeech
hqxMac BinHex txtASCII text
htmHTML utf8Microsoft FrontPage
htmlHTML vacOc2.316s Cakit
hwpHangul (Korean) viewletViewlet
icoicon image vivvideo
incinc include file vivovideo
infinf OS/2 setup file voxsound
itImpulse Tracker module wavsound
ivrimage waxWindows Media
ivsvideo wdbMicrosoft Works
jarJava archive wk1Lotus 1-2-3
javaJava wk2Lotus 1-2-3
jczMicrosoft Liquid Motion wk3Lotus 1-2-3
jpeJPEG image wk4 Lotus 1-2-3
jpegJPEG image wk5 Lotus 1-2-3
jpgJPEG image wki Lotus 1-2-3
jsJavaScript wks Lotus 1-2-3
keykeyboard macro wku Lotus 1-2-3
lbiDreamweaver library item wmaWindows Media
loglog file wmfWindows Media
lwpLotus Word Pro wmlWML
m4aMPEG audio wmvWindows Media
mapimage map wmzWindows Media
mdbAccess wp5Corel WordPerfect
midMIDI sound wp6Corel WordPerfect
midiMIDI sound wp7Corel WordPerfect
modmusic wplWindows Media
movQuickTime MooV wps Microsoft Works
mp2MPEG audio wriMicrosoft Write
mp3MPEG audio wrkspreadsheet
mpaMPEG audio wrlVRML
mpegMPEG video xLEX source
mpgMPEG video xhtmlextensible HTML
mppMicrosoft Project xlsExcel
mtmmultitracker module xmlextensible markup language
navMicrosoft extension xslFileMaker XML stylesheet
opfFlipAlbum xsltXSL transform
paspascal zipcompressed file
pdfAcrobat Portable Data Format  
pfrPaintShop Pro  

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